Saturday, December 11, 2010

Utility Men Gone Wild

These precise patterns appeared overnight at numerous neighborhood crossings - even on the unpredictable snow.  Multiple spray can colors were used to paint little arrows, polka dots, lines and hatch marks every which way...wild and crazy utility men with a spray can...what does it all mean?  Then everything was torn up and it was clear that there was a method to their madness:

Nice new handi-capped access sidewalks; good for strollers and bicyclists, too.

Note the special slip-resistant surface at the bottom of the ramp.  Everything was done to perfection.  Again, I love the attention to detail and pride in their work!

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  1. ........which is MUCH better than girls gone wild!!!

    so great to see you guys this past weekend -- happy holidays and enjoy miss emily's homecoming!!