Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas on Ice

One of my favorite new introductions at NeoCon this year was the reincarnated 111 Navy Chair by Emeco joining forces with Coco-Cola.  It is composed of 111 recycled plastic bottles.  The red color seems so right for the Holiday Season.  I saw this ad recently and immediately thought what a wonderful Christmas gift it would make someone!

111 Navy Chair
 Coca-Cola wanted to encourage recycling, and this fits the bill for a beautiful product that will outlast us all!  It was designed by the Navy to be fireproof, lightweight and strong.  In fact, a stipulation was written by the Navy in the original contract with Emeco (which incidentally stands for Electric Machine and Equipment Company):  it had to be able to withstand torpedo blasts to warships, destroyers, and submarines.  When first introduced,  it survived with nary a scratch when thrown out of a Chicago 6th floor showroom as a promotion gimmick.

Available in a total of six colors now: Red, Snow, Flint Gray, Grass Green, Persimmon, and Charcoal with a new scratch-resistant finish.  Fabricated of aluminum, they are three times stronger than steel and amazingly lightweight.  Guaranteed for life or 150 years, whichever comes first; tho' I reckon they will be around a whole lot longer. What with 1000 being produced a month, this design has proved itself to be a design classic.  Thank you, U.S. Navy!

Norwich University Dining Room, Northfield, Vermont

Now here is a large order of Emeco chairs...would be a heavy haul for Santa, I fear.  Emeco chair designs have been used in installations all over the world, both commercial or residential.   Where else would you have so many chairs originally meant for warships?  Duh...a military school! 

Here is the iconic classic, designed in 1944.  I am happy to own four of the side chairs.  Be wary of the knock-offs...the quality is terrible, and they are so obviously fakes that there is no point in my mind of buying one.  Producing a real Emeco chair is a 2 week process that has 77 steps.  The polishing alone takes 8 man hours!

After 66 years, a new and imaginative innovation on this ubiquitous chair. Is there anything to add to a great idea?  One of my favorite designers, Philippe Starck,  imagines the obvious: add a rocking chair to the variables!  Time to pull it up to the fireplace and enjoy an egg nog...Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year!

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  1. I like the rocker, but in wintertime it's nice to have fellow rockers with you as well as arms & blankets on the seat & back of the rocker!