Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Starting Off On The Right Note

Ah....nothing like polishing the piano, blowing out the dust and scheduling its bi-annual tuning on the first day of Winter!

Tools of the trade
Also on the agenda was to change the filters on the humidifier and have it humming when my tuner, Al Moles, arrived, so that he wouldn't yell at me.  Just last week, when playing a client's piano and remarking that it sounded pretty good, she admitted that it hadn't been tuned in 2 years!  I must have responded somewhat violently, because she said, "Don't yell at me!"  I didn't mean to yell at her!  I just feel so strongly about preserving the life and value of her investment.  Twice a year is Renee's Rule.

The belly
The tuning itself is a wake-up call:  tune up your life and get in gear!  The harmonic intervals resound through the house.  I find it as soothing as a massage, each note being coaxed to its purpose in life. I may be treating the piano a bit anthropomorphically, but if they are ignored and through neglect allowed to lose their tune and cause real damages, it seems so sad!   It  devalues the instrument and what sense is there in that?

Here I am in front of my piano, a painting I did entitled "Arabesque", and an antique middle eastern vase. All is harmonious in my life when I am surrounded and immersed in music, art, and interior design!

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