Thursday, December 30, 2010

Designer and Dogs Do Diet

Taylor scale tell-all

This is this
And that is that
And altogether
We are fat!

In "fat pants" - the holidays have taken their toll - I waddled in to Millis Animal Hospital to take Chewbacca in for a booster shot.  Alice came along for the ride.  As Alice's halter seemed a bit tight, I commented to Dr. Loehnig that perhaps if was too small for her, or did he think she was overweight?  He didn't even hesitate, he emphatically replied, "Yes!" and picked her up like a pot-bellied pig to be weighed.  The report:  10 pounds over what she weighed when she was adopted in May.  Chewy was next on the chopping block - only 3 pounds increase since our last visit a few months ago.  Fortunately I wasn't the next one to have to get on that big scale. 

Remains of the Day (Emily's Dec. 24th birthday)
Ah, if it were only so easy to get someone to control my personal intake portions of food and libation! Alice isn't going to like this new regime one bit. She may attempt to make up for it with dining out adventures: a full 5 course meal can be had on our streets and boulevards, in the bushes and down the alleys. People regularly drive buy pitching chicken bones and pizza rinds from their car windows. Last week an entire Dunkin' Donuts was enjoyed by Alice on her morning walk, still in the box! She did not share it with Chewy.  Half a burger was fare for the evening walk, followed by a nice cold draught of  melted snow. This morning Chewy tore open a bag and enjoyed an entire Egg McMuffin, untouched! Was he in heaven or what!

Doggie Dining Out - A la Carte BBQ
One of my mottos is "Never Pass Up Free Food" and I am a card-carrying member of the Clean Plate Club.  My current weight problem started in New Orleans this past Halloween, when I spent 10 days gorging indiscriminately on their delicious cuisine.  My daughter, Emily, can eat like a lumberjack and it has no effect on her metabolism, but then, she's 22 years old!  Honestly, I think I eat like it might be my last meal due to growing up with six siblings to compete for "the good stuff".  To this day, I will eat just about anything and everything, because of the insecurities I suffered as a child.  I can more easily reject food and drink that is mediocre, but if it is really good, I have no self restraint whatsoever! Hence these 5 plus pounds that have crept onto my frame must melt away or my clothes will be entirely too tight in 2011.  So here we go, Alice and Chewy, to a thinner 2011! 
Alice enjoying an afternoon nap with full belly - perfect!


  1. loved reading about chewy's and alice's visit to dr. millis and their ala carte banqueting!

    p.s. you do NOT need to lose 5 lbs!

  2. Agreed. You don't need to lose any pounds.