Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gifts Of Glasses And Gloves

The personal casualties have been steep this year:  first it was leaving my T2 glasses from Erkers (that I had designed myself!)  in a restaurant in the Ozarks. When I had discovered my error, many miles away, I called the restaurant and was assured they would be mailed to me.  They never arrived because, I found out from an un-named source,  they were never sent.  This simple mistake turned into a real  hillbilly thriller with everyone knowing and related to everyone else, from the sherrif's office to the post office, and no one talking for fear of retribution.

Then, while in a mall shopping for Christmas, I stopped to rest and check my list. I blithely layed down my favorite gloves (black leather with bows and metal studs from Saks) on the black bench I was sitting on and walked off.  Gone, gone, gone.  To assuage my obsession and attachment to these symbols of personal vanity, I donated the cost of the gloves to 100 Neediest Cases.  BUT, if I see them on anyone's hands, I will ask them where they got them and be prepared to rip them off their hands at the faintest implication of guilt! 

I felt I was going crazy to be so careless with my possessions, and just after I had threatened my daughter with murder if she lost my gloves when she had asked to borrow them the night before! Perhaps it's too much stimulation, especially at this time of the year, that results in these mishaps.  I'm thinking that maybe someone needed those glasses and gloves more than I did.  The time that I had with them I enjoyed, so may they continue to bring smiles to other faces this holiday season!

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  1. Fine glasses U lost! Your Mom & I are always losing our sunglasses here & there. Ever see the lost & found desk's box of lost glasses, sunglasses, cell phones,etc.? LOTS & LOTS! I PREPAID a hotel once to get me back me cellphone with all my #s!