Thursday, December 31, 2009

Winter: Blue Moon

Again, the next major holiday after Christmas was welcomed with an extraordinary Blue Moon, the last we will enjoy on New Year's Eve until 2028! It was a beautiful way to ring in the New Year, amidst colorful fireworks. Never say never in a blue moon!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter: Tree Silhouettes

Gray Tree by Mondrian
The last of autumnal brilliance was suddenly over after days of unceasing rain. Trees with vibrant leaves of reds, oranges and yellows were gone. A winter wardrobe of predominantly monochromatic greys and browns took over, punctuated with black. With a periodic blanket of white snow, the winter is elegantly minimal and majestically solemn.

When leaving my piano lesson, I saw these caulked street cracks and they reminded me of the stark winter trees, bereft of leaves. The Dutch artist Piet Mondrian came to mind, with his early gray and black drawings and paintings of trees.

I've always liked definitive lines, boldly stroked and interlacing gracefully. The street laborer who caulked these cracks was making large scale drawings with tar and concrete. How fun is that!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter Holiday

The weekend was a good day to visit Bowood Nursery, Greenhouse, and Cafe. Inside the greenhouse, we had tea and were invited to make treats for the birds using pine cones, peanut butter, and shortening. We then rolled them in mixed bird seeds and attached a loop of yarn to hang it from. This Nursery, which is walking distance from my office, also houses the excellent Cafe Osage, using its own and local produce.

A visit by a group of Shetland Sheep visiting from Wildflower Farm was a real thrill. Shetland wool offers one of the widest ranges of colors. There are 11 main colors as well as 30 markings, most still bearing their Shetland dialect names. Here I am nuzzling with Nessa. Her name is an ancient Gallic name, as all the sheep's names are. I must say I am partial to her coloring, but since I don't knit, I didn't buy her beautiful wool rolled in balls.

Here is Cody, another Gallic name incidentally. A very handsome guy! I plan on helping shear the sheep in the Spring...will keep you posted!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Winter: Christmas 2009

No introductions are needed with this fine fellow. I found him at an antiques mall and it was love at first sight! I like his benign expression; not a care or worry in the world. That, or he's already gotten into the tipple! He worked his magic, and we awoke to a nice dusting of snow to celebrate Christmas Day in St. Louis.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Every year our Skinker -DeBaliviere neighborhood hosts an open-air European-style market. Sights, sounds and smells feature such traditions as roasting chestnuts on the open-fire. They are absolutely delicious! Very tasty. Unfortunately we don't have any more chestnut trees because of the blight, so they must be imported from Italy.

Several area choral groups from Washington University and Grace Methodist Church entertained the crowd with singing and bell-ringing.

There were also carriage rides, demonstrations such as blacksmithing, and numerous artisans selling their homemade wares for holiday gift-giving. It was a beautiful, joyous day!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas: Less is More

One of my clients cryptically informed me that he had purchased a single Christmas decoration, but was sure that I would like it "a lot". I had no idea what to expect, but screamed with glee when I saw the installation. While perusing the Walgreens newspaper advertising inserts, he had spotted this Charlie Brown Pine Bough with Red Ornament for $9.99. I think it appealed to his curmudgeon sensibilities and sense of humor. My client positioned the bough center stage on his "Four" table by Kartell, with my Curve/Carve painting as the backdrop. The table and painting "framed" the bough. There was nothing else on the table. It was perfect.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter 2009: Out with the New and In with the Old!

Courtesy of R. Ege's Antiques

The Holiday Season began with the clarion call of R. Ege's Antiques Christmas Container Party. Rick's shop is one of my very favorite resources. I find no end of wonderful, beautiful, provocative, and whimsical pieces that he has brought from afar to our fair city. All of my clients have highly personalized pieces from Rick that they love. With a festive crowd of treasure hunters in attendance, we were able to enjoy the delightful decorations, refreshments and libations that put everyone in just about the right frame of mind!

In the Right Frame of Mind

Everyone was primed to shop for friends or indulge for themselves the most special and personalized of gifts. It's a shop that has something for everybody. My only problem is that I want everything!

Teenuh and John Foster

Here are two "regulars" at Rick's - Teenuh and John Foster. You know if they're there, it's where you should be, too!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice

Today, the first day of winter, the day with the least amount of light, I start my first blog post. My name is Renee, and maybe you have found me because you have searched for interior design or maybe, just interesting things. I will not have time to write every day, but I do want to share with you some things that I think about or have experienced. I'll be back, it's winter, it's time to huddle around a good fire, wear heavy woolen socks and sip your favorite drink. See you soon... R.