Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sweet and Simple Sample of Summer

Nothing puts you in the here and now as a dog walk. Whether with a young dog pulling you in front, or an old dog lagging behind, the human at the end of the leash is gifted with the canine experience of life. It is called living in the present for all that it is worth.

Walking the dog gets you out in all seasons.  You share in the changes in temperature and precipitation. You are able to focus on the sounds, smells, and physical sensations of your surrounding at a pace that has no time.  Well, why not just throw yourself on the carpet of lawn and get a good back scratching?  The grass and ground are cool, and you are one with the earth.

These lovely wildflowers sway in the gentle breeze. I am reminded of my youth, of summers long ago when the last day of school signaled a time that stretched into eternity.

I recall lying in the clover, inhaling its  perfume.  I would make daisy chain crowns and necklaces with my friends.  We would spend hours looking for 4 leaf clovers, believing that it would bring good luck.  Buttercups would be tasted, because the name sounded like they should be tasty. Slender blades would be placed just so in sideway thumbs and blown like a reed, so as to create the call of a bird.

The back yard of my childhood was surrounded by large mulberry trees in which I would climb and gorge myself on the berries.  Sometimes I would tie a blanket in a tree like a hammock, whiling away the hours reading a book, snacking as desired.  The sounds of the birds twittering, a passing car, children at play...all was a soundtrack of vibrant life in the present.

Do you share my delight in the taste of mulberries? It is a simple flavor, but rich in memories for me.  It hearkens the first days of summer and when the sun shines hot, the branches are heavy with berries bursting with juice.  Birds are in ecstasy.

It is free for the taking and I happily partake of this sweet pleasure as Chewy munches on lower level tender green leaves.

A beautiful red purple stain is a tell-tale of my indulgence. As we head home, I step in puddles to wash my shoes soles so as not to bring the mashed berries indoors.

Numerous examples of riotous florals pleasure my eyes and in some cases, offer a lovely scent. Meanwhile, Chewy is sniffing other kinds of aromas, lagging behind or pulling ahead. I thank him for letting me share his walk and reminding me that there is no past or future, only the present, so live it!