Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dentil Trim

We could also call this post "Tickling the Ivories"...There were two great pleasures that started my day today. First, my piano was tuned. I always want to be in close proximity when this every-six-month-appointment arrives. My piano tuner, Al Moles, is ever capable with his tuning fork in bringing my piano to be perfectly pitched! The intervals, dissonant and non-dissonant, resonate throughout the house, and I feel satisfaction that it is being cared for properly so that it will continue to give years of service with its beautiful sounds.

The next appointment was at my dentist's for my bi-annual teeth cleaning. I always look forward to this visit as long as nothing is found wrong! One special feature that I think is imperative to a good teeth-cleaning is to be covered with a nice, fleece blanket. I had several custom made for Dr. Michael Wallace, so that all his patients could have this comfort.

The blanket not only keeps a patient warm and cozy when it might be drafty, but provides a measure of security and modesty. I'm always happy to hear when the office tells me what a great hit they are with the other patients! It's little details like this that help provide a wonderful overall experience that I think of when designing a home, office, or whatever. Sight, sound, touch, feel; it's all important!

My favorite tool that Karen uses is the 'scaler'. Next favorite is the 'explorer' and the 'peridontal probe'. Piano tuners and dentists...such wonderful professions to pursue so as to keep our ivories ship-shape!

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