Saturday, March 6, 2010

Winter Waning

What a surprise it is every year to see my first crocus! It was an astonishing sight this morning as I walked Chewy and a sure sign that Spring is right around the corner. I have heard of daffodil sightings, but have yet to see one myself.

There were other delightful spring sounds to revel in: a woodpecker pecking, mourning doves cooing, birds chirping, and a variety of wind chimes plinking and chiming.

There are always a few dog barks and wonderful church bells clanging the hour and half hour as a general background. I remember living a summer in Italy and savoring scores of church bells ringing all at once, each one different. One of my favorite sounds, too, is the plaintive train whistle blowing a few miles away. These are all sounds that take me back to my youth, and I'm so happy to enjoy them still today.

This is a little wooded area above the Metro-Link. Here is Chewy off to enjoy the smells of spring, as only a dog can do.

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