Monday, March 22, 2010


One of the most endearing signs of childhood presence in the neighborhood is coming across a chalk-drawn hopscotch. Each is unique, and perfect in its imperfection. If the squares aren't too small, aren't you tempted to hopscotch it even as an adult?

Here is a mass-produced hopscotch carpet ready-to-buy at CB2 for $199. It is called hop to it. The catalogue reads: "Exclusively for CB2 (and the child in you), by the clever Italian design team, A/R Studio. Grey/brown gravel asphalt playfully chalked with cream in 100% fine Argentine wool pile. Reality is achieved with hard twist wool and gahbe dyeing technique, making each unique. Rocks not included. 4' x 6'. "

Well, even so, I think it's too perfect. I would rather have an individual child's own hopscotch rendering made into a custom-made rug as a family keepsake. Yes, it would cost a bit more, but what a wonderful family heirloom! And great for regular exercise every time you cross it. It will keep you young forever - a very fine investment!

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