Sunday, March 14, 2010


With spring but a week away, a concert of song at Christ Church Cathedral featuring Jessica Heuser seemed the right thing to do. Jessica had the audience sing a single tone as background to her first song. This was a gift from her to allow us to each experience what it was to chant. Singing the tone helped to clear our minds and was an exciting way to start the concert.

Jessica walked the labyrinth while singing the first song. In the program notes, she wrote, " I feel the turning of the year now, a human need to reinvent our wheel and address our impact, and the completion of a Full Circle. Some themes that run through the concert include the images of flowers blooming, birdsongs, trees and the passage of time."

Jessica has purified the sound waves at the Stone Circle of Avebury, Echo Valley, the Meramec River bluffs, tiny churches and cobbled alleyways in England and France, and the inside of the Glastonbury Tor.

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