Wednesday, October 6, 2010

National Toilet Tank Repair Month

In the process of specifying a Toto toilet for a project, it was brought to my attention that October is  National Toilet Tank Repair Month.  I don't think we should all wait until next October before we put a stop to running toilets.  Jiggling the handle can be quite tedious, and did you know that you could be wasting up to 200 gallons a day - that's like 70,000 gallons of water a year!  That would translate into a very hefty water bill, and are you really interested in flushing money down the toilet?  One in four American toilets  leak, and so, as usual we lead the world in squandering natural resources.  Someday water will be more precious than oil, so as we are kings in our castles, we should all keep our porcelain thrones in perfect running condition! Try this:

Now, I admit that plumbing is outside of my comfort zone, but all it takes is a bit of courage to tackle your toilet on your own with this kit, otherwise pick up the phone and keep those plumbers in business!

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