Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Autumn Inspirations

Autumn is a visual symphony - a feast for the eyes and free to all. The first vivid colors of fall, with individual leaves exploding with color, nearly brought me to tears.  This change in season seems to be a time for reflection as we prepare for the dormant, hibernating period of winter.

My mother, Marta Flanders, has a nice way of describing falling leaves: "...autumn leaves seem to wave to one on a walk with a "hi" and then a "bye" as they dance in the breeze to the ground."  

When I am walking the dogs, I feel as if I am snorkeling the autumn carpet.  The ever changing terrain of texture varies with the species: small, lacy, and delicate leaf edges contrast with rustic and durable dinner plate sizes. The gentle breeze shifts the colors, and leaves flutter to the ground like schools of fish changing direction in the current.   

What emotions do you have seeing the different colors?  There isn't a color that I don't like!  I was inspired to do some leaf paintings. These are 3" x 3". The color of each leaf was very rich and required mixing many colors together, just as the beauty of an autumn vista is composed of many colors.

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