Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rubbing Shoulders with the R & F

Well, there I was, at the Grand Opening of a new store that I knew nothing about. I was amazed to be part of a mob scene, where the crowd was even spilling out onto the street.  They may have been fans of Vern Yip, who was making a special guest appearance.

I know that Vern is a wonderful designer and was only there for the money.....ah, but would you sell your soul to the devil?  Presented are formulaic recipes for "rooms-to-go" in a choice of teal, orange, or brown.  Here's the teal plate special, and don't ask for substitutes!

I don't many HGTV fans, so little taste!

YOWZA!  Just in time for Halloween decorations, I guess.

Here we are in the Chamber of Horrors, or rather the "art" on exhibit.  You could get a 3' x 4' for $399.  Talk about visual torture!  I've always wondered in what factory conditions these things were fabricated.  Or maybe it's some sort of cottage industry...I don't know; just curious.  It's just sad that so many people don't know what it is like to have real, authentic art.

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