Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hog Heaven

This weekend, the St. Louis Art Fair took place with gorgeous weather, and when nothing but rain had been forecast.  In addition to gorging on a visual feast, there were numerous restaurant booths with delicacies to sample and savor.  There is always a nice turn-out at this event, and one can't help but encounter numerous friends in the course of searching for that elusive piece of art that you can't live without.

One of the most exciting parts of the interior design collaboration is when a client makes their first contemporary art purchase. In practically one of the first booths that I entered, I spotted an artist's work that I knew would be perfect for a current project.  Upon installation in my client's hearth room, the painting immediately imparted warmth and soul to the room.  It was as if a really interesting person had just arrived and was agreeing to stay forever!  This piece, by Carolyn Reynolds, composed of oil glazes over gold leaf, has magical effects of a shimmering surface and mysterious depths that change with the light.

It was a busy weekend...6 gallery openings on Friday night, including an initial foray into the St. Louis Art Fair.  Saturday began with a stop at the Outsider Art Fair, which features local artists exclusively.  The evening wrapped up with another thorough visit to the St. Louis Art Fair.  Sunday afternoon the purchase was made and the painting installed. It was a weekend of back-to-back art inundation, and I was in hog heaven!  It always feels good to purchase at least one art piece from a fair to do my part in supporting the artists and all the hard work of those who made it happen. 

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