Sunday, September 5, 2010

On Becoming Unglued

After our neighborhood yard sale, I went on a rampage to clean and organize the basement workroom.  There were several items that had languished for years, waiting to be glued after having suffered some mishap or other.  Something snapped...I thought, why not glue the poor things and put them out of their misery of being in Limbo!

This is Gorilla Glue.  It used to be called Super Glue in the old days.  Here are some of the treasures that needed attention:

Horse Jawbone
This horse mandible had been attacked by my new dog, Alice, who does not yet know how to respect my things.  I found it in a country field years ago while bassetting.

Driftwood that is usually on my dining table amidst the candlesticks.  A piece had broken off.

My beloved turtle shell, again a casualty of the dog Alice.  This was hard to glue, as the shell has flexibility!

A marble and steel sculpture.

Toys from my daughter's childhood: a pull toy and a puppet.

From the left, clockwise, you see a cigarette dish that I got in the Bahamas 25 years ago, a little carpetbag of my daughter's American Girl doll Samantha, a print of puttis, a ceramic hand, a glazed ceramic tray, a bamboo handled grapefruit spoon, a bone handled knife, a magnifying glass, and finally, a wooden comb that my cousin gave me.  I like to use it after I wash my hair. 

The only problem was that in the midst of all this flurry of activity, I found that my index and third fingers were glued!  This was a horror, as I had know idea of how to rectify the situation.  I rushed to the hot water and gradually, happily, my fingers were once again free.  Reminded me of a conductor friend of mine who glued his fingers while gluing a baton.  It was a pretty funny story, until it happened to me!  Later, I learned that acetone (or fingernail polish remover) would be the antidote.

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