Thursday, September 23, 2010

Queen for a Day

A container arrival at R. Ege's Antiques is always an event not to miss or be late for!  Rick has a far and wide following of individuals who share his taste.  I, for one, like everything that he collects, with all its whimsy and character.  I'm always looking for my clients, but occasionally there are little pieces that call out to me "take me home, take me home with you!"

 First I needed a crown to feel fully in charge and put the personal fairy godmother mode into effect.

For some time, I had been wanting a mannequin to put in my dressing room.  This is a curious papier-mache model, rather lumpy but still a nice sculptural form.  I liked the color, too.  Funny, it looks just like my size!

Blown glass always fascinates me.  Here is an apothecary bottle, pretty all by itself.  There are probably millions just like it scattered hither and yon, but at least I've got one now!

This death mask was a steal and definitely had my name on it.  Whose ever it was, there is no identification.  Do you see a bit of a resemblance?  Whatever, I promise I'll take good care of it so the poor soul can rest in peace.

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