Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Remember Etch-a-Sketch?  Well, this is Rub-A-Rug! You may remember from earlier in July, a client and I began the search for the perfect water manhole cover to use as a design for his bathroom rug.  We did rubbings of a couple of covers.  This cover below was right under my nose,  revealing itself on a typical dog walk.  I excitedly called my client for Phase 2. 

Having been installed in 1999 over the River Des Peres, the cover was nearly pristine.  A couple of pieces of cement were easily dislodged with a chisel.  Added features were the options of a round or square size.  The cover was IMPOSSIBLE to move (we tried), but we decided that perhaps we liked the circle cover off kilter rather  than straight.   Also, note that we have the choice of  the word "Private" versus "St. Louis".  Hey, this is a custom rug, and choices are what it's all about!

So here we are again, my client and I, on a beautiful, balmy day of 76 degrees.  Being on the sidewalk, we didn't have to worry about being in the middle of the road and getting killed in the line of duty!  The paper was like a sail flapping in the gentle breeze.  What could be a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?  All that we needed were a couple of Pina Coladas.

The finished product.  Now to request color poms and ready the rubbing to ship off to New York.  Once color poms, design, and size are approved, we will receive a strike-off for final sign-off.  If all goes well, the new rug should be here in time for the holidays!  All this because my client couldn't say no to rugs! 


  1. Agreed! The found universe around us is really interesting. You are making me a lot more conscious about it than ever before!