Friday, November 19, 2010

Super Bowl Day

Well, when I learned that today is National Toilet Day, I thought it was a joke. What else is there that I didn't know about - National Dishwasher Day, etc.?  But come to find out thanks to Google, National Toilet Day is a very serious day with the intention to bring attention to the importance of sanitation.  The scoop on poop is that nearly half the world's population do not have access to toilets and make do with a plastic bag or a field of bushes, etc.  This is dangerous to your health and does nothing for your dignity!

Today there will be world-wide events, exhibits, panel discussions, and seminars.  One very simple demonstration being performed worldwide is called The Big Squat.  All you need to do is get a group of people together in a public place and squat for 1 minute.  That should get some attention to this campaign!

The Big Squat

Heathrow Airport Toilet with auto-flush

Ever since I started to travel out of the United States, I was always happy to return to the high standard of plumbing that we enjoy here.  How lucky we are and how much we take for granted!  Primitive bathroom situations in foreign countries always made for riotous adventures and bizarre stories.  Thank goodness that it wasn't a situation I had to tolerate for long. The other extreme always got my attention, too...such as the Heathrow bathrooms here featuring Duravit. 

Heathrow Airport sinks with auto-water sinks and air-dry that works fast and quickly

The high standard of design and quality of materials made for a memorable experience.  I was impressed that the Brits regarded the airport facilities as top priority in terms of comfort, function, and beauty.  It was on the same level of luxury and technology that I experienced at truck stops in Italy 10 years ago.

Heathrow Airport

 Quite a far cry from the castle toilets of Merry Old England.  Ha, ha!

I guess you could say that this castle toilet it has a certain primitive charm...

And yes, you guessed it...into the moat.

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