Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Panning For Gold

Well, you never know what treasures that you'll find while dog-walking or dumpster-diving!  Today is a perfect example, tho' I have to credit a tip-off that made it that much easier.  I was heading home with Alice and Chewy, and observed 2 students looking at something next to a dumpster.  They then headed on down to the Metro-Link, and I went over to see what was there.  Lo and behold, there was an awesome pot, in perfect condition.  Sorry students!  I had to assume they had to pass on it for one reason or another.

The pot has a fantastic glaze. It's about 14" high x 12" diameter, unsigned. If you just keep your eyes open, you'll find art all around you, waiting to find a home!  Thank you to whoever put it out for adoption!

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