Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mighty Fine Artist

One of my favorite things to do as an interior designer is to apply my art skills to the project at hand.  In this case, my client had fallen in love with a wood box adorned with metal decorations.  Unfortunately, the turquoise just didn't quite fit into my color scheme for the room. But note how the design motifs are part of the carpet design.

This is when an MFA in painting comes in handy...or as my graduate school colleagues called the degree standing for Mighty Fine Artist.

I like to live dangerously:  no smock, no drop cloths - just a few newspapers.  I used oil paints that clean up with water, given to me as a gift from another client.  They worked just like what I was used to.

I wanted to "correct" the colors in the room, so that I could refer accurately to color matches; in this case the whites, golds, reds, and blues.

Here's the finished result:  I got a little carried away and put my touch on just about everything except for the green leaves.  It was a wonderfully therapeutic way to spend an hour out of my work day.  There's never a dull moment in this business!

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