Friday, June 25, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

It's summer without a doubt: HOT!!! There are other clues that it's summertime...endless bbq's, songs of the cicadas, a juicy watermelon, the list goes on and on. While I'm walking my dogs, here are a few favorites that leave no doubt in my mind that it is summer: 

#1  See

Towering Sunflowers
Reminds me of my summer in Cortona, Italy, where the sunflowers raised their faces to the sun, following it from east to west.

#2 Smell

The Sweet Smell of Clover
Always reminds me of my childhood and making wreaths and chains.
#3 Taste

The Taste of Succulent and Subtle Mulberries
If only I can get my fill before the birds!
#4 Touch
The CRUNCH of Sycamore Bark Beneath Your Feet
It's just busting off the swelling trunk!

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