Monday, June 21, 2010

Faites de la musique!

Quick...what day is today? Would you answer "the first day of summer" or "Fete de la Musique"? Both are correct answers! You could best celebrate the first day of summer at Stonehenge with 20,000 other stoners...

OR, you could spend the longest day of the year listening to or playing music.  Where else but France, where the quality of life is a political issue?  Since 1982, the French Ministry of Culture has ordained the Fete de la Musique as a national holiday.   Musicians of all sorts and all abilities play on the streets and courtyards, squares and gardens, stations and museums; everywhere you can imagine!

Well, I passed on Stonehenge, and the Concorde is not yet back in service...

So I had to create my own little musical day of celebration in St. Louis.  That included singing some Italian art songs and practicing some piano (Beethoven's Opus 31, No. 17).  THAT prepared me to attend the Alliance Francaise Fete de la Musique event at J.Robert Green's perfect party house promising wine, cheese and beautiful MUSIC.  All that in addition to a fabulous guest list that assured great camaraderie, not to mention conversation snippets in French.  Having a national holiday to play, listen to, and share music is an excellent idea, without a doubt. 

Heureaux fete de la musique!

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