Monday, June 7, 2010

Postcards from London

Ladies and Gentlemen:
It is with great pleasure that I visited my daughter in the great city of London, where she has been a student at University College London since January. I may as well have been on another planet; it is such a marvel of sights, sounds, and sensations, amidst a swarm of humanity. There is never enough time and too many things to do, not to mention one never has enough money! Fortunately, I have visited London before and experienced a good sampling of the various delights and diversions.

Yours truly and my daughter, Emily.
This is an excellent example of how cohesively London blends the old with the new. Beautifully! There is a sensitivity shown on the architect's part in terms of material, color, design and fenestration. I think the new architecture has a lot of individuality, but doesn't compete with its Siamese twin neighbor. What could be hvac, (or havoc) look like flying buttresses! There is a lot of glass, and there is a verticality to the design which echoes Gothic cathedrals.

The Tube: a civilized way for ladies and gentlemen to traverse the city.

Not for those inclined to claustrophobia, the tube is a great adventure into the bowels of London town. Clean, rapid, and economical, they are the most efficient mode of transportation. Now "Mind the gap" when you enter and exit a train, lest you lose a heel!

The pulse of the city is intense yet invigorating. Oh, the humanity! Pop into a pub, however, and be transported back into past centuries. Put back a Pimm's or cider with a plate of chips...oh, the simple pleasures of living in the moment! Time stops, or seems to, until you go back outside!

Time can stop again if you come across a park. The weather cooperated with downright balmy temperatures for several days while I was there. Londoners didn't miss a beat in plopping down in the many parks to read, nap, or lunch.

Night time: there are so many shows to see, so little time! Note the building heights...not a canyon of skyscrapers here and the sky is actually black, too. So much about London is about how a world class city respects its inhabitants by being infinitely livable and civilized. I am already planning my next trip back; one shouldn't stay away too long from the mother country!

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