Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Here we go, can't help at the day before Easter, to not notice brightly colored, circular shapes on the ground. The gas company is consistent in painting their line caps in bright yellow.

I recently read of an Easter Egg Hunt for adults in a nearby park. How wonderful is that? There are a lot of so-called childhood activities that I think one never really outgrows. Who doesn't delight in scavenger hunts or finding something special under ordinary circumstances?

While walking around the neighborhood with Chewy, my eye caught these inscrutable painted circles on the sewer covers. One might expect the water and sewer district to select a basic primary color, but hot hibiscus? It's a little unexpected, I think. And the question nags: why are these sewer covers marked?

Finding that Easter-egg-like-motif urged me to look for other pastel circles. Here's a nice round drain with the interior painted an appropriate aqua. Did they just stick the brush in a few inches so that it would show up better?

And last, but not least, an ambiguous orange circle. I saw several of these and have no idea what they mean. However, I am in complete support of the water and sewer district using pastel spray paint colors; it was a fun to have my own urban version of an Easter egg hunt!

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