Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's!

On a visit to Home Depot, I was wowed by a floral display of blooms so perfect that it was hard to believe that they were real. I sniffed these candy-colored hyacinths and the sweet scent of authenticity was there.

Easter really is almost here, with Easter lilies a-blooming, again not fake! This explosion of concentrated color was quite striking in the aisles of products where colors blend together. Arranging these pretty potted plants in rows with nary a stray decayed leaf only added to their visual impact.

Plastic can imitate the real McCoy to a certain extent, and so I apply the touch test...even if the eye is deceived, the touch is the immediate giveaway. There is a coolness and a certain vibrancy to a living plant when you touch it.

Silk can be deceptive, too, when used to imitate flowers. As a general rule, I never use plastic or silk flowers, only real, fresh ones, or dried. Like art, why use copies or imitations when you can have the real thing?

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