Thursday, April 15, 2010

Interior Landscape Design

While many of us are planning new landscape designs for our gardens, there may be opportunities to bring the outdoors inside, too! One of my recent projects included the installation of a new Chinese multi-color slate tile floor. Because of the wide variance in color, my clients and I hand-selected each tile. It was fun for them to be so involved in 400 sq. ft. of individual tiles. They were quite emphatic: some they loved and some they did not!

A couple of the tiles stood out distinctively as visual landscapes. I suggested that since we needed some artwork, that we hang them on the wall.

I think that they are wonderful buttressing the TV; the juxtaposition is sort of like a caveman version of TV.

It's not really a new idea; Chinese artisans have long searched for landscape visuals in stone and carefully carved and polished them. They are usually mounted on wood bases. This idea, however, is fresh, immediate, and inexpensive! It also is something that the clients had a hand in and will always be a treasured memory for them of happily designing their home! See another view of the room on my website. It is the Creve Coeur Project "Solarium".

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