Friday, June 17, 2011

And Now Simon


Presumably a fast-growing cancer; it probably started around the time of the blue jay dive-bombing five weeks ago.  We had since then been regular visitors at the animal hospital. His blood work showed very elevated calcium.  His prognosis was poor.

My favorite colors: gray, black,  gold, and white.  

He was the brother of Howard, and they died within 6 days of each other.  They were two distinct personalities, more like black and white than black and gray as they were.  Howard was
 outgoing yet a homebody; Simon was more shy, yet decidedly adventurous.  He was the one who usually volunteered to accompany the dogs and me on a promenade.  He even dared to cross dangerous streets to stay with us, while being very careful, though, to look both ways.

 He was a friend to Nicholas (died 2000).

He was a friend to Alice.

Simon in happier days with his catnip mouse. He was buried with it in his paws.

Unlike her name, Dr. Savage was warm and compassionate.  Simon's little heart lingered on after the first syringe.  Dr. Savage gave him a second and then he was gone.  I held his lifeless body tight.

Together to the end

It was back to the boxes of Emily's doll clothes in search of another little pillow and some sheets and blankets.  Now next to Howard he rests in peace.  Little did I know when I bought these Mexican river rocks for putting in a fireplace interior that I would use them for initializing graves.

In the stillness of the garden graves, a robin appeared.  He danced on the newly dug soil, his beak filled with wriggling worms.  And so life goes on.  The mourning dove coos and the great horned owl in the pine tree hoots.

In cat heaven...

Is there such a thing anywhere as an ordinary housecat?

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