Friday, February 19, 2010

Green Wall

As a harbinger to spring, Growing Green Inc., hosted 3 evening opportunities to view a fantastic new planting system. Their showroom itself is wonderful to visit, with a warm welcome from all the staff and resident dogs. Located at 3954 West Pine Blvd., Growing Green is housed in an historic building at least 100 yrs. old. It has been maintained well over the years and was restored with great respect. It was a fun evening to socialize with colleagues and nibble (or rather gorge) on delicious morsels from the fabulous restaurant Five.

Upon entry, one sees a wall of greenery, alive and rich with color and texture. The components are simple: individual plants with a drip irrigation system and waterproof membrane.
The benefits of a Greenwall Modular Planting System are many: thermal regulation - reduction in heat gain, sound insulation and privacy, air filtration, stormwater management, and much, much more! They can be installed indoors or outdoors in nearly any climatic conditions. I especially like that they can be designed to personalize your very own space.

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