Saturday, March 14, 2015

An Auspicious Day

Here we all are, sharing a day that comes once in a century!

Completely irrational, it never ends and never repeats itself.

Math is usually all Greek to me; much as I love geometry and use it endlessly in my interiors. 

In case you forgot, Pi is the circumference of any circle, divided by its diameter.

 I do believe that everything and everyone is connected, and there is no beginning or end.

What I love about interior design are the special relationships that evolve in the process. Just consider the many people and resources that get involved in the production of putting an interior together! It is a richly layered tapestry that is completely unique.

Sometimes, in the creative process, I do feel that I am going in circles with no end in sight. There seems no end of irrationality!

I like that I have the area code 314 for telephonic communications; isn't it time that you got around to calling me?

Enough with the math,let's all enjoy some other kind of pie!

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