Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wall Whisperer

It's a new year, and the possibilities are endless. How shall we edit?  What should we add or subtract? It's the same with interior design. When it it right to leave well enough alone? 

There is great beauty in beginnings, when rooms are empty and quiet.  In the art of design, I find the challenge is to preserve the soul of the past with profound respect while truthfully living in the present. The future will take care of itself.


  1. Hi Renee. Happy New Year to you too! Do you need any help dusting the floor or washing windows before you really get underway!

  2. Hello Arturo! So nice of you to ask, but the designer who took on this space professed, "I wish I had spray dust or spray dirt in a can. I don't want to lose the look of the place - I want that patina." He even preserved the brown tinge on the kitchen walls from the previous occupant's chain smoking. He matched new paint colors to the old dust. How's that for authenticity!