Sunday, January 22, 2012

Three Totos and a Tutu

It's Toto time!  The first Toto that comes to mind, from my earliest recollection, is the dog Toto in The Wizard of Oz.  I always liked that movie.  Toto played a starring role that exhibited both dog smarts and affection. 

Toto the dog

When I pulled up this image of Toto, I was surprised to see the similarity in appearance to my dog Alice, who I adopted in 2010. Maybe that's why I chose her!  Alice sometimes gets called Toto, too. I guess I like the way the two syllables sound coming out of my mouth.  


The next Toto of recent apparition came last summer while working on the Garden Apartment project.  An end table and table lamp were needed for the right side of the living room sofa.  Something simple, neutral and inexpensive...How about combining all of what was needed into one neat package?  Plus adding additional seating if necessary?

The Toto was the perfect solution.

Toto Cube Lamp

Offered by Design Within Reach  at $250.75, their advertising description is very interesting:

"An unusual lamp with an unusual story, the Toto Cube Lamp is made by a wine tank manufacturer in France.  Toto is only made during the factory's slow season, when they stop producing enormous wine storage tanks.  A scaled-down version on these tanks, Toto can be used as a lamp, table, or seat.  Place it bedside for a soft glow, or employ it in a retail setting to add a dramatic backdrop to the objects on display. From being made in the mold of a wine tank, to becoming a surface on which to place your wine glass (or coffee mug or carafe of water), Toto has successfully turned three products into one."

This is pure Zen. Sorry  I can't credit the designer; this photo is part of the advertising for Toto.

Toto 550 Neorest 

Now for the third toto of this trilogy: I am about to start a new bathroom project in which the client specifically requested a Toto 550 Neorest. This is not your run-of-the-mill-go-cart clunker nor your basic hole in the ground.  How do you compare a Lamborghini to a horse and carriage? This ride will take you places never imagined!  The only thing not included is a seat belt or even a horse whip. Toto's official specifications read thus:
  • Programmable Nightlight
  • New Easy-to-Read Remote Control Design
  • More Compact Design
  • Automatic Open and Close Lid
  • Washlet Cleansing with Three Modes
  • Hands-Free Automatic Flush
  • Integrated Warm Air Dryer
  • Built-In Air Purifying System
  • Energy Saver Timer
  • Cyclone Flushing System
A few years back, I had my first encounter with a Toto.  In Chicago for the national  ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) conference, I was there as President Elect for our Missouri Chapter, along with seven new board members.  The Toto showroom was having a reception, and thinking it might be a good baptizing and bonding opportunity, I suggested that we all visit the chamber of porcelain (but not all at once; we each took turns). I have been a convert and believer ever since!

Whereas the average rattletrap Model T toilet might put a hole in your wallet for $100-200, the Neorest retails at $5460-6280, depending on all the bells and whistles.  Do I think that it's worth it?  Absolutely!  Could I live without an electric toothbrush?  No, I could never go back to manual!  Just like that, Toto is the toilet you want to come home to.  Wish I had one, too, in addition to my electric toothbrush! 


The finale of these three t's is my tutu from BCBG.  I think I was a disadvantaged kid in that I never had a tutu growing up.  Never got over the longing, so last year I finally got one!  It can be dressed up with heels and pearls, or dressed down, as shown here with khaki and army boots.  Definitely has many uses!  So now when you think Toto or tutu, think multiple applications! 


  1. Who in his or her right mind would spend that kind of money on a toilet? Wait! I have the answer ... I would.

    I figure I can pay for it very quickly by charging my neighbors an admission fee for using it. Think of it as a new and very personal ride to compete with the attractions at Six Flags.

  2. Well, we all know where your mind must be at! Seriously, You sound like the customer that Toto strives to please: a consumer who wants the best in quality,design,and ecology. Plus, think of all the money you'll save on water! Your idea is certainly a way to win friends and influence people, plus pay it off!