Sunday, January 8, 2012

Renee's Believe it or Not!

"Hunka, hunka, hunka!  You can't beat the fun!", yelled the carnival barker.  I didn't know what hunka meant, but the carney's cadence was mesmerizing.  Young people with blank faces were enticed to strap themselves to a flat trapezoid that torqued in increasingly sharp angles, starting ever-so-slowly and ending at tortuously high speeds. I listened to his cajoling banter, and marveled at how he engaged and entertained the crowd in a tight, twisting medieval street in St. Andrew's, Scotland,  many years ago.  The carney's call still resounds in my memory, and the funny words he used came to mind as I considered the acquisition of a bunkie board...

A bunkie board is a thin foundation for the mattress that  replaces the box spring.

The process of interior design is always fun, and I am especially delighted by serendipity. You never know when what you are looking for may be found in the most ordinary of places and circumstances! Recently I had been cogitating about purchasing a bunkie board for a home decorating project. I had a small room that served dual purpose as a guest room and study.  By replacing the twin box spring with a bunkie board, the height would be more sofa-like. With an assortment of pillows and bolsters, its rare function as a mattress support would be further disguised. 

Just now while walking Chewy, I spied a large, rectangular canvas leaning against a dumpster. As I walked around the block, the size stuck in my head; they closely echoed the dimensions of a twin bed; and why were the corners curved?  It seemed rather peculiar.  I  completed our walk, and returned with a tape measure.  Sure enough, it was a standard twin size: 39" x 75".

Well, what did I expect when I turned it over?  This definitely falls in the realm of 'bad paintings'. It is only heroic in its use of unorthodox stretched canvas and bravery in scale.

And what is this mysterious painted out portion that says 2 + 2 = 5?  What does that mean? Not only is the perpetrator artistically naive, but mathematically defiant!

Aerial Born Bunkie Board

Aesthetics aside, could it be that what I had been poised to purchase that very day was right under my nose? I couldn't believe the odds of this very obscure find.  I had researched the price, $95 with delivery, and only had to pull the trigger when I returned home from our walk. Thank god for dog walks!  Dogs are in the details, or is it God is in the details?  (When you were a child, did you ever spell  D-O-G when you meant to spell G-O-D?) This enigmatic painting could be laid to rest serving its original purpose, and be saved from the landfill.  All is well as long as it doesn't contribute to nightmares for unsuspecting sleeping guests. All in all, a hunky dory ending.

Bunkie Delivery Service
Dumpsterside accessible

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