Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Perfect Restaurant

A recent dining experience at a new, trendy restaurant in town tested my tolerance once again.  The pervasiveness of poor restaurant design has me not wanting to go out for fear of being disappointed once again.  My biggest complaint about this last one, as is the case in too many others, is having to practically shout to converse.  This is usually because of too many diners crammed into a space, music being played too loud, and/or poor interior selections.  I almost never see a sensible balance of hard and soft materials to alleviate this problem.  Restaurant owners, listen up!  It's not all about the food and drink!   Let's have an all-around agreeable meal!

Restaurant Can Jubany
Calldetenes, Catalonia

This restaurant gets my highest award for interior design. Ingredients that promise a perfect dining experience for me (besides fantastic food and service) are:

1.  Ambiance: An open airy atmosphere, as opposed to a crowded, congested feed-lot feeling.

2. Lighting: Efficient, soft and balanced lighting; flattering  to both cuisine and customer. One would be neither in the dark nor under a harsh spotlight. 

3. Sound control:  Rugs, wood floor, fabrics help to absorb sound. A variety of materials maintain high sound fidelity, like different instruments in the orchestra.

4. Privacy: The design element of partitions provide discreet privacy; the experience is both public and private.  Additionally, I give these dividers high marks for aesthetics!

5. Comfort: Woven chairs with arms and tablecloths.  Corner seating allows for easy conversations.  

Now that menus overall have become so sophisticated, why can't there be a similar revolution in restaurant interior design?  Does this bother you as much as it does me?


  1. I agree. It's terrible to go out for a martini with my granny and not be able to converse.

    What other restaurants in St. Louis pass the test?

  2. I like Araka. Always a good martini, I like the music, never too noisy, and the bathrooms are to die for!