Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh Daddy!

Dedication program for Chuck Berry statue

All I gotta say, is, if you don't know about Chuck Berry, just Google his name.  You're in for a treat and a surprise!  Last Friday, a statue was dedicated to him on Delmar in the Loop before a large crowd that gathered despite withering heat. Accolades from around the world poured in to pay tribute to the Father of Rock and Roll.  I was hoping that Keith Richards would show up, but didn't see him.

Joe Edwards

Joe Edwards, owner of the local tavern Blueberry Hill, spawned and implemented the stars on the Walk of Fame in the Loop, of  and helped facilitate the dream into reality.  

Chuck Berry in trademark sailor cap

Born in St. Louis, Chuck continues to give frequent performances in the Duck Room, located in Blueberry Hill.  At 84, he enjoys  having his children as part of his band.  

Harry Weber, sculptor friend, et moi

The bronze statue by renowned sculptor Harry Weber, is larger than life-size, at 8 feet.  As all of Harry's works that I have seen, it is an exciting and vibrant tribute. Surrounding the statue are six of Berry's song lyrics engraved into the surrounding stone.  You can see them coming up or down the street,  just in case you forget the words of the songs written by the first person inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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