Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pink Lemonade on the Rocks

Winter in St. Louis never seemed to end; the crocuses, daffodils, and flowering trees were given a cold reception with late and persistent snowfalls.  Very pretty, I must say, and unbelievably the blooms seemed not to suffer. 

Spring snow

When is one truly grateful for a snowfall? When it helps to diagnose a beloved pet's medical condition of which you had no idea!

Pink Lemonade

Oh, this could be the composition of an abstract painting, but it's not. Thank heavens for the snow, I observed there to be pink snow cone rather than the desirable yellow variety. I took Chewy to the vet right away. Cystotomy surgery was immediately called for. He had stones in his bladder.

This stone was almost the size of a nickel  It is composed of calcium oxalate monohydrate 90% and calcium oxalate dihydrate 10%.  I think it is ferocious and interesting at the same time!  One can imagine that it might have caused Chewy some discomfort.

Vile vial

I asked the vet to save me the little culprits.  There were about 10 of these small, gravel sized pieces.

Poodle Puppy

Here is the happy boy after his operation, looking part poodle with his shaved forearm to better accommodate the IV.  He really does seem happier, and is playful with Alice as he never was since she joined the household  a year ago.  He hadn't appeared to be in pain, but if not for the tell-tale snow, a crisis of blockage was averted.  Must have felt like this...

Rene Magritte
Le monde invisible (The Invisible World)
Oil on canvas, 77 x 51 5/8 inches

Aahh...a beautiful painting about a handsome rock...or is it about something else?  Illusion or allusion?

"Bareback Mountain"

The OTHER problem with Chewy was a wretched hangover of steroids to treat his skin allergy issues. His appearance was downright embarrassing.  Chewbacca's new name became Bareback Mountain; seeming to be half orangutan and half dog.  I was ready to consult with Dr. Dogskin, the dermatologist, but his regular vet, Dr. Loehnig advised, "Let's treat one problem at a time."  So we fixed the inside and then worked on the outside.  Fortunately now the patch is all grown in with a new crop of silky fur. 

Speaking of stones, here is a home that likes to rock and roll!  The entire yard is filled with indiscriminate rubble.  There are Zen gardens and then there aren't...but I do believe the homeowner is proud of her creation.  I usually reserve making judgments about what some may call ugly, gross, or disgusting. In nature, I am  in awe of the endless variations in form, color and design. I would argue that ugliness is impossible; interesting, perhaps.  In art, too,  it is important to keep an open mind.  It's not always just a pretty picture that is determined a masterpiece!  


  1. RENE'E, When I saw the headline Pink Lemonade I immediately thought of late spring & a cool drink, NOT an animal's bodily condition! I contend that most modern art is aimed at the brain, Impressionists for the feelings, and my favorite art is for the heart -- no matter what someone else calls it.

  2. Dear Arturo...whether your favorite art massages your brain or your heart, I do agree, you gotta love it! The best art will make you both think and feel...

  3. My little poddle just had stones removed from her bladder one year ago.
    But it was pretty touch and go thru recovery. So happy ur dog is back to
    happy days. Joyce