Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just Dandy!

Surely the sign that spring is finally here is the appearance of happy yellow dandelions.  I don't know why some people don't like them and call them weeds.  They are as pretty a flower as any, and the tender young leaves are good to put in a salad.

We had a few false starts this year, with temperatures in the high 70's.  Shorts and sandals were de rigueur.  The flowering trees burst forth their blossoms, fragrance filling the air - enough to put one's head into a romantic tizzy of optimism and promise!

And then the next days would bring inches of snow deftly defining shapes and outlines. The heavy winter artillery of hats, gloves, and boots had to be at close hand; there was no telling what extremes the weather had in store.

Miraculously, the trees and flowers were not harmed and the channel was changed back to a beautiful spring. Note the famous St. Louis brick.

The cathedral of blossoms beckoned seductively, once again.

Now I fear the party's over, and like so much of yesterdays confetti, the winds and rains have claimed the petals to decorate the ground.  Show's over for tree blossoms!

A beach side of petals surrounding sidewalk puddles makes for pleasing amorphous shapes.

With the appearance of tulips, it really is spring!  I know that there is more proof to come, but the color displays are everywhere around us.  I can't hardly pass a hyacinth without kneeling down to inhale its intense aroma, but the delicate magnolia is just as fine!

Although I was fooled a few times already this year, I do think that it is safe to pack away the heavy coats, etc.  It has been one of the coldest winters we've had in years, and there were many more snowfalls than usual.  I liked our winter though, because it was what it was supposed to be: cold and snowy.  Now we are experiencing a splendid spring, and it is just as it is supposed to be, too: resort temperatures and gaudy displays of flowers perfuming the air!

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