Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Melt

It's 100 degrees plus outside and the humidity is fierce!  Much as I like the outdoors, I have a great appreciation for air conditioning on days like today.  In the world of art and design however, there can be a certain beauty to what appears to be melted from the heat.  Surrealistic, and other-worldly,  these artistic examples take the ordinary idea of a chandelier, tablecloth, and candelabra to a whole new level of creative thinking.

  Atlantis by Terzani
What's this?! Those Italians are at it again! This chandelier is composed of two miles of delicate nickel chain, looped and draped on three metal tiers. It appears to be made of light shimmering fabric, and is appropriately called Atlantis, as if excavated from an ancient palace beneath the sea.

Spectrum West Collection

An old standby that I've shown you before, drapes of gentle folds are created by heating this sheet of clear acrylic. Classically graceful in its simplicity, it's the transparency that propels this into progressive design.

Tar Candelabra

I remember visiting Los Angeles for the first time, and putting the La Brea Tar Pits on my must-see list.  Designer Matta Biagi was so inspired that he designed an entire home collection around the idea of tar dipping and dripping.  This is a bronze candelabra actually dipped in tar.  Naturally, each piece is unique!

Atlantis by Terzani

Here is a side view of the Atlantis chandelier.  It has a stalactite quality.  Now THAT concept of being in a cave sounds very cool!  In common parlance,  perhaps these images are a contradiction of being both HOT and COOL! Perfect!

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