Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bates Motel No More!

I was delighted to attend the formal unveiling of five apartments renovated by some of St. Louis' top interior designers.  The site was a bleak 60's era cinder block apartment complex that I remember walking past many a time in my youth.  It was next to the train tracks and so out of place in the gracious neighborhood of Webster Groves.  It was eventually taken over by Webster University to house visiting actors for both the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis and the Opera Theatre of  Saint Louis.  Unfortunately, it became known as the "Bates Motel" in theatrical circles...not any more!  Generous contributions were also made by numerous donors.  What a fun project!  My dream would be to design the apartment for divas such as Christine Brewer or Renee Fleming!  

Zachery Cramberg and Jennifer Manganaro, designers

Brick and Bramble Home and Garden 

Note the great flooring laid on the diagonal.  It really helps to expand the space.

Holly Blumeyer (shown), Jenny Rapp, Kristin McGrath, Cecelia Rowland, Judy Krewet, Barb Donohue, Vicki Wolken

Holly Blumeyer Interior Design

Homey and comfy!

Dana Romeis of Fibercations (shown), and Emily Castle of  Emily Castle Interiors

I understand a truck trip was made up to Ikea.  And yeah, I like the way the leaves echo the wallcovering!

Denise Fogarty of Denise Fogarty Interiors, and Marcia Moore of Marcia Moore Design.

If you're not fortunate enough to have actual mouldings, then paint them!  It gives a traditional treatment a contemporary tweak!

Tim Rohan of T. Rohan Inc.

I love the way Tim put the table and painted chairs stage center.  I can imagine it will be a popular place for the actors and singers to dine and have brilliant conversations!

You should have seen the before pictures!  It was truly bleak at the Bates!  This project once again demonstrates the power of interior design.  Great job designers, donors, and all who helped to make this depressing abode a beautiful home away from home!

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