Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter 2009: Out with the New and In with the Old!

Courtesy of R. Ege's Antiques

The Holiday Season began with the clarion call of R. Ege's Antiques Christmas Container Party. Rick's shop is one of my very favorite resources. I find no end of wonderful, beautiful, provocative, and whimsical pieces that he has brought from afar to our fair city. All of my clients have highly personalized pieces from Rick that they love. With a festive crowd of treasure hunters in attendance, we were able to enjoy the delightful decorations, refreshments and libations that put everyone in just about the right frame of mind!

In the Right Frame of Mind

Everyone was primed to shop for friends or indulge for themselves the most special and personalized of gifts. It's a shop that has something for everybody. My only problem is that I want everything!

Teenuh and John Foster

Here are two "regulars" at Rick's - Teenuh and John Foster. You know if they're there, it's where you should be, too!

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