Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter Holiday

The weekend was a good day to visit Bowood Nursery, Greenhouse, and Cafe. Inside the greenhouse, we had tea and were invited to make treats for the birds using pine cones, peanut butter, and shortening. We then rolled them in mixed bird seeds and attached a loop of yarn to hang it from. This Nursery, which is walking distance from my office, also houses the excellent Cafe Osage, using its own and local produce.

A visit by a group of Shetland Sheep visiting from Wildflower Farm was a real thrill. Shetland wool offers one of the widest ranges of colors. There are 11 main colors as well as 30 markings, most still bearing their Shetland dialect names. Here I am nuzzling with Nessa. Her name is an ancient Gallic name, as all the sheep's names are. I must say I am partial to her coloring, but since I don't knit, I didn't buy her beautiful wool rolled in balls.

Here is Cody, another Gallic name incidentally. A very handsome guy! I plan on helping shear the sheep in the Spring...will keep you posted!

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