Saturday, January 30, 2010


A cold, blustery night did not prevent me from attending an opening at The Kranzberg Arts Center celebrating the opening Tim Curtis' new work. Tim and I harken back to the halcyon days of Fortune Interiors, a subsidiary of the then Mark Twain Bancshares. We were a group of artists engaged by the Chairman of the Board, Adam Aronson, to design, fabricate, and install the banks' interior design. Not unlike a Medici-like patronage, our artwork was bought by the banks and installed in them. To step foot into a Mark Twain Bank was an unforgettable experience and set the standard for aesthetic excellence in commercial interiors. Another colleague from the days of yore was also in attendance, John Foster.

There were hundreds of chalkboards with Tim's writings. Of course, he had fabricated the framed chalkboards himself. In talking with him, I learned that he is working on an MFA in Creative Writing. It seems to dovetail perfectly with his long, illustrious career as a sculptor. Learn more about Tim on his website

I've long been a fan of chalkboards. I like to use chalkboard paint particularly in kitchens and children's rooms for spontaneous notes and drawings.

Why frame yourself in? Cover the entire wall, woodwork, too, for a super-sized personalized sketchbook page that is sure to have graphic appeal to all!

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