Sunday, May 20, 2012

Good Night, Dear Friend


Winterreise, by Franz Schubert
Gerald Moore, piano
Poem by Wilhelm Muller

1.  Good Night (Gute Nacht) 
As a stranger I arrived
As a stranger I shall leave
I remember a perfect day in May
How bright the flowers, how cool the breeze

The maiden had a friendly smile
The mother had kind words
But now the world is dreary
With a winter path before me

I can’t choose the season
To depart from this place
I won’t delay or ponder
I must begin my journey now

The bright moon lights my path
It will guide me on my road
I see the snow-covered meadow
I see where deer have trod

A voice within says – go now
Why linger and delay?
Leave the dogs to bay at the moon
Before her father’s gate

For love is a thing of changes
God has made it so
Ever-changing from old to new
God has made it so

So love delights in changes
Good night, my love, good night
Love is a thing of changes
Good night, my love, good night

I’ll not disturb your sleep
But I’ll write over your door
A simple farewell message
Good night, my love, good night

These are the last words spoken
Soon I’ll be out of sight
A simple farewell message
Goodnight, my love, good night

It says something of our American culture that the New York Times eulogized the passing of one of the greatest musicians of all time on the front page, as well as an entire page inside.   Lieder lovers, unite, in our sadness with the silencing forever of a truly sublime voice.  

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