Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stop 'n' Sniff

Am I the only one bending over to inhale a flower's fragrance?  I'm not too proud to kneel on the ground to inhale the seductive scent of a late rose bloom. Yet, I have to say, I rarely, if ever see other pedestrians bending over. Do you engage in this simple pleasure? In the balmy 75% autumn weather that we have been enjoying lately, the intoxicating essence is as intense as on a hot summer day. I relish this last vestige of  spring, summer and now fall. Every season has its own allure, but for now, here is an autumn sampling that provides very special treats for sensory delights of every kind.  All that is required is a nose, skin, eyes and ears.

Stop 'n' Sniff

Watch out, its scent is addictive!


With my eyes closed, this frond felt like the soft tail of a kitten.


The bark of a sycamore tree  always displays amazing patterns, bursting from the trunk in a final spurt of growth.


 As I trudge through the crunchy piles of dried leaves, some as big as dinner plates, the decibels are nearly deafening...but I like it!


  1. beautiful post renee - no, you are not the only one bending down to smell the roses or admiring sycamore bark - these balmy days make it so appealing to be outside and enjoy all our senses!

  2. Thank you, Amanda! Ah yes, of course you are the Greek goddess of all things sensual! Oh that we would be traversing together the terrain of Ithaki once again, inhaling the sweetest air ever!