Friday, July 15, 2011

Pretending To Be In Paris

Le Tour Eiffel

And so another Bastille Day was celebrated with my fellow francophile friend, Pat, at BRASSERIE by Niche in St. Louis.  Pat traditionally awards me with a Bastille Day gift; this year it was a Gourmet cookbook featuring the flavors of Paris.  I love to cook, but truth be told, I prefer going to a good restaurant and being waited upon!  After a nice little cocktail of tequila, cassis, lime and bitters, I craved the  mussels and frites.  Hearty portions necessitated un sac de chien at the end of the meal when I could eat no more.  The serveur should have attached a leash to the sac because I immediately forgot it until halfway home and had to loop around, half-looped, to retrieve it.  Never mind, it was worth the effort.  I always enjoy leftovers to recall a memorable evening! 

Bastille Day 2011

 Happy Bastille Day  tout le monde!  Perhaps next year we can all be in Paris together!

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