Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time Wounds All Heels

This was a fun art exhibit; one at which you could laugh out loud.  In describing his intent, the founder and director, Matthew Strauss said, "Very often, I'll go into an exhibition and see an isolated artwork and wonder if it was intended to be funny.  Usually it's not.  The humor is inadvertent.  But the frequency of that question in my mind - 'Is this supposed to be funny?  Is this a joke?' - led me to think it might be an idea for an exhibition."  The piece below was a large banner on the front of the gallery.  Given that White Flag Projects is a city gallery in a sketchy part of town, the text message was especially provocative.

Untitled Text Msg (Vicodin), 2010
Adam McEwen
inkjet print on vinyl, 154 x 154 inches
Courtesy the artist and Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, New York

Matthew says, "We've gone out of our way to select the most ambiguous, the most confusing, the most difficult-to-understand (pieces). I think that it results in a really cohesive and appropriately confused exhibition. I'm very happy with the results." I was, too!!!

Opening nights are always special, and I chose the right outfit:  tutu and combat boots!

There was a good crowd turn-out for the group show that also included artists Donelle Woolford, Jane Hammond, Edward Lipski, Richard Prince, Michael Williams, Jaime Pitarch, Erwin Wurm, and John Baldessari.

This piece was a compilation of household cleansing products. The spiral starts with the Big Bang and ends with the emergence of humans.

Theory of Evolution, 2009
Jaime Pitarch
Mixed media sculpture, 89 x 89 x 19 inches
Courtesy Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York ($18,000)

  Here the dinosaurs make their appearance, but are snuffed out by the comet.

Nose/Silhouettes, 2010
John Baldessari
lithograph and screenprint
6 variants, 18 inches x 14 inches each, edition of 50
Courtesy Gemini G.E.L., Los Angeles ($2,500)

A nose job.  This would be a good piece for a plastic surgeon's office.  Or maybe behind a perfume counter.

Who knows whose nose this is?

There were two special events held.  One was a reading by poet and humorist Jeremy Sigler, and stand-up comedy by Comedians You Should Know. At the stand-up comedy session, there were whoopee cushions on each seat like a party favor. Wouldn't it have been funny if they had all been blown up and everyone was instructed to sit down at the same time? I love shaking up the sanctity of the art gallery and museum! It was very well-attended; 200 people showed up. Goes to show that humor and art are a great combination.


  1. I like your art coverage, your open mind and uncritical comments. It's east to laugh at so much of what is being shown nowadays in art galleries but laughter is a valid emotion even when art provokes it.

  2. Dear Paul...I never cease to be amazed (and sometimes amused) with the courage and creativity of artists slogging it out in today's world. Do therapists ever see patients for laughing too much?

  3. i knows whose nose that is!!

    btw don't you look cute, girl, all battle ready in your opening night guerilla tutu!!!


  4. Yeah, he just stuck his nose in my face as I was looking at the nose art. It was perfect! And thx for the comp...I knew I needed to be in full uniform for opening night.