Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Priceless: A Piece of Porch with Peeling Paint

"I was embarrassed to stand in the check out line with what you wanted me to buy, Renee."

 My client was telling me that for her to fork over $65 for a piece of a porch with peeling paint made her feel a little confused.  I convinced her, though, that this piece would be the inspiration and driving force for the design of her new bedroom.  It would determine the color scheme and lend an authority of something unique, something with character, something with history.  It would drive a plethora of philosophical and aesthetic ideas. It would hang over her headboard and she would have sweet dreams.   That is quite a bit of value for $65!  Happily, my client trusted me, and we embarked on another adventurous design. 

Join me now for an autumn excursion to my favorite antiques shops in St. Louis!

 Quintessential Antiques

The little gem shown above, which I personally 'touched up' with a glaze to prevent flaking paint, was rescued from the landfill by Quintessential Antiques.  It is open the first 7 days of the month, for 7 days, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

A Tall Order

This larder that they found in an old farmhouse was a great find for yours truly.  It satisfied the storage needs for my small kitchen and more!  The piece is faux wood grained, but you'd never know it wasn't 'real'!

Rockin' n Rollin'

Above is another favorite find for the previously mentioned client.  This enigmatic rusty wheel filled with rubble was the perfect piece to put beneath her Hepplewhite console in the entrance hallway.

 R. Ege Antiques 

 R. Ege Antiques never fails to deliver.  Rick Ege fills containers from Belgium, France, Germany, and Holland to begin a new life in his charming shop.  I tell my clients they can never make a mistake with anything that has caught Rick's eye.

How much is that doggy in the window?  

It's not for sale; it's Rick's shop dog keeping watch.  But Rick always has a menagerie of dog paintings, sculptures, etc, and other animals in some form or another.  Always good for a smile or a  treat to take home.

Fruits in formaldehyde

Rick's creative mind draws buyers from all over the country.  Whimsical, wonderful, and wacky, are a few adjectives that come to mind.  

Light as a feather

 You can be assured of good taste, great style, and prices that can't be found in the bigger cities.

See through seafood

Here is an academic hanging that I'm dying to use in some kitchen project for a lucky client.

Suttonwood Antiques

Raincoat at the ready

Another favorite shop close to Rick's is found nearby at Suttonwood Antiques.  Peter Campbell, of Australia, tirelessly travels the far east in search of treasures such as this Chinese rain cape.  You are equally as likely to find the ideal commode, console or cabinet at cut-rate costs.

Seeing the sea coral is an open and shut case

A carload of recent pickings from Suttonwood that will grace a magnificent mansion.

Warson Woods Antique Gallery

Though I love the smaller shops and each individual proprietor, there are treasures to be found at a antiques malls, too.  It's a bit overwhelming, like being in a department store, to stomp by booth after booth in search of your favorite collector, but it's frequently worth the effort.  Here we visit one of my favorites,  Warson Woods Antique Gallery.

Rows of rusty nails for your rathskeller

 And what do we find right off the bat, but a couple of distillery doors that simply demand to be adopted by the most distinguishing connoisseur!

Treasure Aisles Antiques Mall

The word is mum

Another favorite trove to troll is at Treasure Aisles.  You do have to sift through a lot of trash, but then you may be struck dumb with amazement, and will find, as Howard Carter found when he peered into King Tut's tomb and was asked by Lord Carnovon, 'Can you see anything?'  Carter responded,

'Yes, wonderful things!' 

And that is what you will find when you venture forth into these neighborhood stores! 

 For those of you who don't have good antiquing options in your area, check out Invaluable, an online auction house that has tons of antiques and collectibles. They even put together a blog post about antiquing!

 Happy autumn antiquing!

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